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Please enjoy our virtual exhibition tour of vibrant artworks created by renowned artists and colourists
Prue Acton and Merv Moriarty.

Below you will also find photographs and catalogue details of the exhibition.

As I won’t be available to open the Gallery in person until December, if you would like to buy one of Prue or Merv’s works please click on SHOP in the menu above, make your choice by following the prompts, and we will then arrange with you the pickup or delivery.

I look forward to your support and hope you enjoy this COVID-safe gallery experience, until we can return to easier, more convivial times.


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warmest wishes, Valerie

Prue Acton & Merv Moriarty

Merv Moriarty

COLOUR ll – in the field

acrylic on canvas 61 x 91 cm. click on images to see more detail

No.1 Headlands and Sand Spit, Bournda 2018 $3850
No.2 Afternoon, South to Tura Heads 2018 $4200
No.3 Wine Glass Cove lll 2018 $5850
No.4 Wallagoot Lake 2018 $3850
No.5 Surf and Rocks, Turingal Heads 2018 $4200
No.6 Bournda Headland Looking South ll 2018 $4500
No.7 South from Bournda Beach Headland, Bournda Island 2018 $4500
No.8 North to Turingul Heads ll 2018 $1250
No.9 Bournda Headland Looking South 2018 $4100
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Merv Moriarty

COLOUR ll – in the field

watercolour on cotton paper - framed. click on images to see more detail

No.11 Wallagoot Lake Entrance 2018 $1850
No.12 North to Teringul Heads 2018 31x41cm $1850
No.13 Rock Tors Bournda Beach 2018 31x41cm $1950
No.14 Rocks, Bournda Beach North 2018 31x41cm $1950
No.15 Bournda Island and Headland 2018 $1750
No.16 Bournda Headland ll 2018 31x41cm $1850
No.17 Bournda Beach 2018 31x41cm $1750
No.18 Towards Bournda Island 2018 31x41cm $1650
No.19 Bournda Island 2018 23x31cm $1250
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Prue Acton

Recent works: Wattle and Pears, Still Life


pastel on paper framed in natural ‘Tas Oak’. click on images to see more detail

No.23 Yellow, Vase, Pears $4300.00 460x545mm (framed 690x795mm)

No.24 Yellow Pear on Red $1230.00 205x205mm (framed 397x412mm)

No.25 Rose Pears on Red $1320.00 192x257mm (framed384.5x464.5mm)

No.26 Yellow Pear on Red Gold $1220.00 200x225mm (framed 392x432mm)

No.27 Yellow, Large Vase $3820.00 430x430mm (framed 660x780mm)

No.28 Yellow Pear on Yellow $1280.00 200x230mm (framed 392x 437mm)

No.29 Yellow on Blue $3890.00 450x550mm (framed 680x800mm)

No.30 Yellow, Vase $3820.00 420x430mm (framed 650x680mm)

No.31 Yellow on White $2640.00 280x360mm (framed 508x610mm)

No.32 White Vase $4300.00 500x545mm (framed 730 x795mm)

No.33 Yellow Pear on Magenta $1260.00 200x200mm (framed 392x407mm)

No.34 Brown on Cyan $1370.00 213x213mm (framed 405x420mm)

No.34 Brown on Cyan $1370.00 213x213mm (framed 405x420mm)