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  • Windy Afternoon Zilzie Beach width:640;;height:140
  • Yellow Hills at Santa Theresa S. Alice width:640;;height:428
  • Afternoon light on range east of Alice width:640;;height:376
  • Bungle Bungle Dream No 1 width:640;;height:454
  • Evening light on Mesa - east of Alice width:640;;height:408
  • Evening low tide at Zilzie Beach width:640;;height:248
  • Flat Top Mountains Santa Theresa south of Alice width:640;;height:314
  • Herberton River Falls width:640;;height:470
  • Hills of Mount Morgan gold mine central Qld width:640;;height:333
  • Looking south Zilzie Bch Capricorn Coast width:593;;height:335
  • Low Tide Midday Zilzie Beach width:589;;height:480
  • Midday at Flood Plain Ross River width:640;;height:463
  • Ross River Hill (Alice) width:348;;height:480
  • View of Mt Morgan gold mine width:580;;height:480
  • View out to Zilzie Beach width:640;;height:229
  • Wild Sunflowers Capricorn Coast width:640;;height:368
  • Yellow Sunset with floating islands Zilzie Beach- Capricorn Coast width:640;;height:472
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